Greeting from Rufina Pukhova-Philby

Kim Philby and I were happily married for eighteen years, and we were always very frank with each other. However, as a professional intelligence officer, my husband knew how to keep secrets, so the full picture of what Kim and the rest of the Cambridge Five did for the security of our Motherland only gradually became clear to me after he passed away in 1988.

From my own experience of coming into contact with a wide range of people, I know that there is still enormous interest in the lives and work of Kim Philby and his Cambridge comrades. I am very pleased with the launch of this project — the first

attempt to compile what is known about these five outstanding British gentlemen. I hope that it will be appreciated, particularly by young people.

Rufina Pukhova-Philby (1 September 1932 — 17 May 2021)